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Malini Srikrishna

Ours is a battle not for wealth, nor for power. Ours is a battle for freedom, for the reclamation of human personality. 


About Me

Hi! My name is Malini. I help leaders and organisations transform revolutionary thoughts and ideas into evolutionary outcomes. 

I have always gravitated towards visions and tools that I believe will uplift the human condition. Through my experiences working with diverse sectors and teams, including as the Vice-President of Global Operations at NxGen COACH Network, Founder of Milan Global, Director of Harvard GSAS Business Club Social Impact Initiative and Harvard Divinity Scholar, I have explored entrepreneurship as a vehicle for evolutionary change. 

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"Not Just Business" goes beyond conventional business narratives to explore the human side of leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. It is an invitation to explore the fascinating world of passion-driven endeavors, purposeful entrepreneurship, and the true essence of success.


Tune in for raw stories of leaders that go beyond boardrooms and remind us all that life is not just about business—it's about the profound impact we can make when we follow our dreams and embrace our purpose.



Over the past decade, I have worked across contexts and geographies to tell stories, build diverse teams, and push forward the human condition. This has spanned sectors, including education, health, finance, media, and technology. 



"Malini is an outstanding leader, community organizer, and organizational strategist."
Toni Sacco, PhD at Harvard University


"Malini is a highly effective leader who is results-driven and at the same time empathetic and compassionate. Her business acumen is impressive and she has a talent for bringing out hidden people's gifts and supporting client growth."
Dr. Melinda McClimans, CEO of Archipelago Rising
Dr. Melinda McClimans.jpeg
"Malini’s creativity and vision as brand manager helped make Harvard’s Black Religion, Spirituality, and Culture Conference’s first virtual event a huge success. Through Malini’s project management and storytelling skills, the conference reached 600+ people worldwide, which was record-breaking history for the University."
Kayla Smith, President of Harambee, Harvard University

Contact Me

Please reach out to me using the form below.

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